Saturday, January 22, 2011


My Favorite Avatar
I like having students create avatars, but I find a few things difficult about them.  I want students to create their own avatar, but even putting a time limit on it doesn't help them move faster.  I can understand why.  I just spent two hours playing with avatars.  I also find some of the logistics difficult; student following directions, is sometimes an issue.  Then, there's the issue of the sites not always offering easy ways to upload the avatar (aka. a link or something).  Finally, the biggest issue I have is that almost all sites have at least one thing (item of clothing, etc.) that I'm afraid my administration would find inappropriate.  Because of this, I normally choose the Build Your Wild Self avatars to use with my students.  Though...I really should branch out and trust them.  

I already had an avatar for blogger and another one that I have used for all of my other accounts since then, but I had fun making another one.

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