Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Since I Can't Figure Out How to Comment on a Comment....

#1 - Does anyone know how to comment on comments?  It must be a setting or something I can't find, because I know I was able to do it before.
Janelle said..."I'm using blogs as portfolios with my sixth graders this year." 

I'd really like to know how you have your portfolio blogs set up.  How often?  What types of things do students put in their portfolio blogs?  Also, if you post about this on your blog, could you please link to it?

K Trask said... "What platform do you use for your students? I use Edublogs."

When I blog for myself, I use blogger, because I can have more creativity with the look of it.  I use KidBlog when I blog with students, because it gives me more control over the content they see and create and still gives me ease to add users.  I just wish they could make their blogs more personalized.  I've tried Edublogs and Blogger with the students, but unless someone has a book better than the one I have bought already that will tell me how to set it up with ease and with control, then I don't have the time.  Our school computers are so finicky as to what they will allow and some platforms require students have emails.  I know there is some way to have one gmail address and turn it into a bunch more, but gmail is blocked at our school and I'm not that good at forwarding gmail stuff to my email.
Finally, please share anything and everything on this blog and on my other blog, Best Practices in Teaching.  We have to share with each other.  I understand the whole "I own what I create thing," but we are teachers...almost nothing is free!  But, we have no budget and we don't get paid enough to create our own budget, even though most of us wind up doing that to the chagrin of our spouses.  They are sparsely populated, but could use all the comments and additions they can get.
By the way...I have no idea why I have different fonts and different sizes and colors in this posts.  Sorry for the visual inconsistancy.


  1. Jessica,

    The main way I have been using our portfolios this year is as a place for reflection, lab reporting for virtual labs, and a repository for projects. I haven't really written much about it, but here is one post about a portfolio showcase we did:

    You can also see examples of my students' blogs here:

    Eventually, I want to incorporate collaboration with students in other schools, but I will probably not get to that until later in the year. I am working with a student teacher right now, and I want her to have the freedom to do what she wants.

  2. Janelle, what blogging platform do you use with your students. The portfolios were awesome! Do you give time in class to post or do students do it at home?

  3. I use Wordpress Multisite that I self host. That way I have a lot of control, but they can still be really creative. I always give my kids some time to work on their projects in class, but sometimes they do have to finish at home.

    By the way, I see you are in GA not far from me! We're on snow day #3 as well. (I teach in Gwinnett.) I am going crazy. I really hope we get back to school this week.

  4. Jessica
    Well I am in the same boat as you, I don't know how to reply to a comment using blogspot, can't see where to activate it if one can that is! Let me know if anyone gives you an answer!

    As I said I use edublogs for my class blog and students, it took a little time to get around but is great now. If you are using gmail it is very easy, all you do is put you first part of the address before the @. Just before you do the @ you put in the plus sign, + and straight away the childs name and then continue on. That means all comments come into you and you can check on them etc. The child never goes near the emails.
    Every school is different though in what they allow. I am fortunate as my school is pretty easy going and open to things. I just look forlorn and say I would really like....unblocked because.... and I get it!!
    New Zealand

  5. Janelle, is WordPress Multisite hard to use. I've been looking at what I can find on the internet, but I'm getting confused. I would love to see if it gives me the flexibility and the security. If you want you can email me @, so we don't have to keep this up in the blog.