Friday, January 28, 2011

Web 2.0 Toys

 I have used three Web 2.0 tools in this post: Voki, Google Docs, and Polldaddy.  I've used Voki and Google Docs before, but not Polldaddy.  they were all relatively easy to use, but a lot of the time when I go to embed something I have made, no matter what platform I am using, and the platform I am using is not a choice for the embed code.  It's really frustrating.  Sometimes I use the generic ones, but other times I just have to play with it and try them over and over again.

I like using Voki to create talking avatars to give instructions for tasks.  Unfortunately, students tend to listen to the avatars more than they do to me.  I guess it's just the digital age.

I love Google Docs.  I use it for everything.  I also use it to compile student information at the beginning of the year.  My survey would not fit on my blog so I just linked it.  It was made with Google Docs.
Web 2.0 Survey


  1. I like your Voki. I have had an account for a while, but I think I am going to go play with it again! Thanks for inspiring me! My post on embedding media is located here--


  2. AFter seeing all the Voki's and Voicethreads show up on the challenge posts, I'm inspired to add them. Maybe my 8th graders will listen to it when they are distracted by more snow! I love to embed youtube videos. You can check out my challenge post at

  3. Love your media! I am going to check out Voki - I know my students will love that - and I believe they would listen just a bit more intently!

    I like the Polldaddy because you can see the polling results right away. I like the idea of a google doc because as the owner of doc you get great feedback (but as a participant you don't get to see those results like you do in Polldaddy). I guess it just depends on your purpose for each.